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We are the go-to resource for all things workforce development in the Commonwealth. 

Established in 1984, the Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association (PWDA) has a long history of serving workforce development professionals and their needs for development, technical assistance, advocacy, and communications. PWDA members include Pennsylvania's 22 local workforce development boards, as well as partners, providers, and individuals in education, training, and workforce development. Members make decisions every day on how to serve and support Pennsylvania business in their talent needs, as well as youth, workers, jobseekers, veterans, and others on their education, training, and employment paths. 

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Thank you for your interest in PWDA! PWDA represents a diverse audience of workforce development stakeholders from across the Commonwealth. Serving as the go-to resource for workforce development, PWDA sits at the nexus of policy, funding, ideas, and service. As a result, PWDA provides a variety of benefits to members including best practice sharing, technical assistance, advocacy and outreach, government relations, staff development, and more!

Exclusive opportunities exist for one-on-one customized member support as well as connections with other members. Join us and elevate your voice in workforce development!

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Network. Innovate. Advocate. Communicate. Develop. Serve.  Utilizing PWDA services, members improve their capacity to serve Pennsylvania jobseekers, workers, businesses, and communities. We also add value and build capacity for an industry of professionals dedicated to making Pennsylvania thrive. Be in the know, tell your story, identify solutions and progress, and elevate your voice in workforce development - learn more about the benefits of PWDA membership.   

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