Powered by PWDA, [email protected] inspires leaders to connect through a series of conversations, to collaborate, to strategize, to build capacity, and to identify innovative solutions that lifts up Pennsylvania workers, employers, and communities.  

Our services are tailored to meet the professional development and capacity building for workforce development organizations, individual professionals, and to link PWDA members with the knowledge, skills, resources, and partners you need to successfully serve customers. PWDA provides multiple pathways to do this, including: 

Learning Labs
Learning labs are tailored to serve the capacity-building, development, and best practice needs of workforce development professionals, program operators, and industry professionals across Pennsylvania.   

Learning and Technical Assistance Series
Webinars on the intersection of workforce development and the policy ecosystem impacting Pennsylvanian's, our communities, systems and more! 

Technical Assistance Series 

One-hour discussions on technical issue areas impacting workforce development professionals. The Technical Assistance series is free to PWDA members; Non-member participation is at the discretion of PWDA, fees may apply. 

Learning Series 
Broad range discussion on key policy areas and top of mind issues; tapping into subject matter experts that place context to workforce development and parallel systems or issues. Learning series will feature a panel of experts, discussing current trends, policy priorities, and innovative practices that attendees can incorporate into their local strategy and network.  Attendees will be able to engage in questions and answers with the panelists. Fees may apply. 


Professional Development Trainings




Member Forums

Intended to bring together workforce development and partner staff from across the Commonwealth, sharing similar roles and responsibilities, for open dialogue and peer networking. 

Forums are scheduled for PWDA members that work in a variety of functional areas including: 

  • Local Workforce Development Board Executives
  • Youth Services 
  • Human Services Employment & Training 
  • Fiscal & Quality Assurance 
  • Workforce Providers 

The 2023 Calendar is Published! Refer to the PWDA Events Calendar for more information and sign-up! 

Annual Conference
Acclaimed for its informative and engaging speakers across more than 60 workshops and keynotes, this yearly event supports staff at all levels from front-line to executive decision-makers, as well as planners, policy-makers, and administrators. The multi-day Conference offers opportunities to promote and learn promising practices, understand current and anticipated trends, hear about new service designs and tools, network with other professionals and more! 

Check out all of the 2023 Annual Conference Award videos now! 

More details coming soon!



The Symposium
Supporting discussions around Policy, Peers, and Practice, the Symposium brings professionals from across workforce development, education, training to discuss, network, and learn about topics impacting Workforce Development and offers attendees the ability to influence their strategies, program designs, and capacity building needs. 

More details coming soon!


The 2023 ApprenticeshipPA Collaborative and Expo will bring together stakeholders from across PA that are interested in strengthening the apprenticeship and work-based learning models as part of its workforce development strategy. Attendees will gain technical and practical knowledge on what it takes to launch an apprenticeship, how to sustain and retain the apprenticeship program, recruit and engage a talent pipeline, network with peers eager to engage in the apprenticeship ecosystem, highlights on existing program activities, and more!