Planning & Oversight Council 

Co-Chairs: Dan Fogarty, Berks LWDB; Erica Mulberger, Central PA WDB 

Purpose: Consisting of LWDB directors or their appointee, the Planning & Oversight Council serves as a forum for the Workforce Development Board Directors to discuss local WDB oversight issues and workforce planning, share information, identify training and technical assistance needs, and meet with relevant stakeholders.


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Resources for WIOA Local & Regional Planning and Oversight 

Requirements: Labor & Industry Workforce System Policy on Regional/Local Plans (Draft) 

Resource: Jan 5th Virtual Discussion FAQ 


CWIA Regional & Local Plan data-sets 

Southeast South Central Northeast Northwest Southwest Single Area Regions
Berks Lancaster Lackawanna Northwest Southwest Corner Central
Bucks South Central  Luzerne-Schuylkill West Central Three Rivers  Lehigh Valley
Chester   Poconos   Tri County North Central
Delaware       Westmoreland-Fayette Northern Tier
Montgomery         Southern Alleghenies


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