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Our services are tailored to meet the professional development and capacity building for workforce development organizations, individual professionals, and to link PWDA members with the knowledge, skills, resources, and partners you need to successfully serve customers. PWDA provides multiple pathways to do this, including: 


Learning Labs

Learning labs are tailored to serve the technical and best practice needs of workforce development professionals and program operators across Pennsylvania.   

Coming Fall 2022 - Human Services Employment & Training Lab

Access Past Events:
* May 2022 - Fiscal and QA Lab 
* March 2022 - Youth Summit 
* November 2021 - TANF/WIOA Learning Lab

Workforce and Career Development Certification Training®

Business Engagement Tour | Keystone Edition
A partnership between PWDA and TAD Grants

The Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association and TAD Grants are partnering to bring Business Services Consultants across Pennsylvania The Business Engagement Tour | Keystone Edition training series.  Businesses today are faced with continued supply chain disruptions, inflation, talent shortages, and economic uncertainty—it takes a fresh, intentional, and customized approach to engage with the companies we serve.  Join us for this targeted training designed to provide Business Services Consultants with the tools they need to succeed. 

This training will include:
  • Building Trust and Relationships with Business: Building a strong relationship with the business community is the foundation to all good business services efforts.  True business engagement requires a focused effort on establishing trust and respect among other key elements. Learn the seven ways in which strong relationships are built with the business community and leads to synergy between workforce and business.
  • Outreach: Messaging, Branding, Using Data to Recruit: Effectively marketing to local businesses is imperative to expressing the value your workforce services can provide. Expressing value through targeted messaging, dynamic branding and compelling data need to be strategically used to maximize engagement. Understand best practices for using data to engage and recruit employers through data predominant messaging and value-added branding strategies.
  • Recruitment: Gaining Buy-In, Business Language, and Communications: Understanding the goals and growth plan of each business you engage is a critical part of engagement. In order to understand what each business might need, you must first understand where they are and where they are trying to go. Only then can you move into identifying possible solutions and a service delivery strategy.  Learn how to open communication channels by identifying a shared language and increasing buy-in from the business community.
  • Simplifying Accessibility to Business Services: Using technology and designing innovative and creative solutions for easily accessing and utilizing workforce services is paramount to all engagement strategies. Learn about national best practices for the use of technology, and specialized business services teams. Understand how increasing immediate access will increase efficacy and bridge the gap between the demands of business and the supply of qualified employees.  
This training is open to all Economic Development staff, Workforce Board Members, and their staff. 



 Learning Series
Quarterly series of webinars on the intersection of workforce development with the social determinants of health, including hunger, childcare, health care, transportation, mental health, the pandemic, and more. Putting context to workforce development and parallel systems or issues, the learning series will feature a panel of experts, discussing current trends, policy priorities, and innovative practices that attendees can incorporate into their local strategy and network.  Attendees will be able to engage in questions and answers with the panelists.


Registration is Now Closed. 

Access Past Learning Series: 
* December 2022 - Workforce Development and Housing |  Rewatch it Now! 
* Find more on our 2021 Series:  Reentry, and Food Security here. 

Member Forums

Intended to bring together workforce development and partner staff from across the Commonwealth, sharing similar roles and responsibilities, for open dialogue and peer networking. 

Starting in March 2022
Local Workforce Development Board Executives - 3rd Thursday of Every Other Month 
Look-out for Announcements on New Member Forums Coming Soon! 
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Annual Conference
Acclaimed for its informative and engaging speakers across more than 60 workshops and keynotes, this yearly event supports staff at all levels from front-line to executive decision-makers, as well as planners, policy-makers, and administrators. The multi-day Conference offers opportunities to promote and learn promising practices, understand current and anticipated trends, hear about new service designs and tools, network with other professionals and more! 

Check out all of the Annual Conference Award videos now! 

Save the date for May 2-5, 2023!



The Symposium
Supporting discussions around Policy, Peers, and Practice, the Symposium brings professionals from across workforce development, education, training to discuss, network, and learn about topics impacting Workforce Development and offers attendees the ability to influence their strategies, program designs, and capacity building needs. 

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