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OPEN Grant Funding Opportunities 
Topic Agency Description $$ Eligibility Deadline
Juvenile Justice; Career Pathways  PCCD Innovative PACTT Grants  $450,000 total; est. 6 awards up to $75,000 Juvenile justice residential, community-based, and probation departments December 23, 2022
Health Care Sector Strategies, Career Pathways, Nurses USDOL Nursing Expansion Program $80m total for 2 priorities: 1) Nurse Education Professional (65% of total, $2m-$6m per) and 2) Career Pathways ($1m-$3m per) includes: State & Local WDBs, Industry Associations, Labor Unions, Education & Training Providers January  6, 2023
Housing & Homelessness HUD
Choice Neighborhoods Implementation
  City/Twp. Govt, Public Housing Authorities, others  January 11, 2023
Research, Evidence-Based, Diversity NSF
Racial Equity in STEM Education
$25m overall: Up to $5m per Unrestricted   January 17, 2023
STEM Education; undergraduate students; Professional Development;  NSF
Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: 
Directorate for STEM Education
$61m total: $200k min to $2m max Unrestricted January 18, 2023
Youth; Construction-Trade  Career Pathways  USDOL
$90m total; from $700,000  to $1.5m per award Includes non-profits, city/county/state government; IHEs February 7, 2023
 Training, Curriculum, Education Instruction Materials  NSF
Training-based Workforce Development 
for Advanced CyberInfrastructure
$9.3m total; Pilot Projects $300,000 per; Implementation based on size $500,000 to $1m per Must include one PI/co-PI with relevant expertise  February 23, 2023
 Community Projects, Legislative Approvals USDOL
Community Projects ETA/
Congressionally Directed Spending Grants
Restrictions apply Restrictions apply February 28, 2023
Learning & Workforce Development  NSF
Campus Cyberinfrastructure
$20m total; $500,000 to $1.2m per.  Includes non-profit, non-academic; and IHEs March 1, 2023
Experiential Learning; Technology Sector & Occupations NSF
Experiential Learning for Emerging and Novel 
$30m total; $1m max Unrestricted March 2, 2023
Dislocated Worker USDOL
National Dislocated Worker
$300m total; $150k min to $100m max  includes: Employment Disaster Recovery includes LWDBs
June 27, 2026
 Sector-Strategies, Worker-Centered,  Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Info. Technology, Broadband USDOL
Building Pathways to 
Infrastructure Jobs Grant Program
TBD TBD (suggests Non-profits, Education & Training Providers) Forecasted (sept 30th) 
Public Works & Economic Adjustment
 Pre-Apprentice and Apprenticeship Grant
Manufacturing to Career


 Local Workforce Development Board Contract & RFP Opportunities

Topics Local Workforce Board Scope Deadline
WIOA Services Partner4Work
Three (3) RFP opportunities 
 - Youth and Young Adult Programming 
- One-Stop Operator Services 
- One-Stop Career Services, WIOA Title I-B Adult, 

Dislocated Worker, and Youth 

January 17, 2023
WIOA Services Lancaster 
Two (2) RFP Opportunities 
-Out of School Time Career Exploration
-Business-Classroom Project Based learning

December 23, 2022
Web Services NWPA
Updated Website & Board Portal 
December 30, 2022


Researching Grant Opportunities

Providing you a one-stop resource for commonly sourced funding opportunities, PWDA members can monitor this page to support your funding solicitation as well as grant writing, planning, and submission needs. Have a suggestion or know of other helpful sites to include: Submit your idea here

Pennsylvania State Agency Grant Opportunities

Federal Agency Grant Opportunities 

  • Grants.Gov  - The centralized portal to review and apply to all federal agency grant opportunities.  You can establish notifications sent to your email inbox based on customized search terms. Common agencies related to workforce development include: US Department of Labor - Employment & Training, US Department of Education - Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE), US Department of Justice - X, Economic Development Administration, US Department of 
  • DOL-ETA - ETA provides information on anticipated/upcoming funding opportunities to aid your planning and grant writing processes. 
  • OCTAE - Find a list of programs and initiatives, including grant funding released by OCTAE
  • Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) - funding opportunities often support initiatives with criminal justice organizations and individuals involved with the criminal justice system (juvenile to adult, under supervision, incarceration, through reentry). 


Planning & Research Resources 

Workforce Development - Planning, Research, Promising Practices and more 


Foundation Funding Opportunities 

  • Candid - Reflecting a merger between The Foundation Center and Guidestar, you can navigate a directory of foundations, finding funding requests for proposals, research non-profits, and explore training opportunities.  
  • Pennsylvania Foundations
    • Philanthropy network mapping out Pennsylvania foundations serving Greater Philadelphia, Western PA, and Northeastern PA.