About Us

PA Workforce Development Association (PWDA) serves as the voice of the Pennsylvania workforce development system and a clearinghouse for workforce development information statewide. Known for Pennsylvania's premier annual workforce development gathering every spring,  we provide development and capacity building opportunities to workforce development professionals,  local workforce development boards (WDBs), and other stakeholders while continuing proactive advocacy efforts on behalf of Pennsylvania's workforce development system. 

Our members serve over 100,000 Pennsylvanians in need of job training, skill development and employment on an annual basis; additionally, Pennsylvania businesses serve as a core partner - addressing the competitive talent needs of thousands of small to large-size employers, Pennsylvania's workforce development system lifts up our Commonwealth. 

At the federal level, PWDA …

  • Works with federal policymakers to shape legislation that reinvests in a dynamic and efficient workforce system
  • Educates policymakers about the high-performing Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) in Pennsylvania and how to continue to invest in our system
  • Advocates for Pennsylvania's workforce development systems and the business and individuals customers served 

At the state level, PWDA …

  • Collaborates with state agencies to advance working partnerships with Pennsylvania's workforce development system and WDBs
  • Advocates for smarter performance and accountability standards that reflect the excellent workforce development efforts at the regional and local levels
  • Partners with advocacy groups and service organizations in economic development, education, youth, human services, and vocational rehabilitation

PWDA Board and Members

The PWDA board of directors has 22 voting members and 22 alternate members, which are designated by the chair of each of the state’s 22 local Workforce Development Boards (WDBs).  The Executive Committee is comprised of the chair, vice chair, secretary/treasurer, and three elected regional representatives from the board.

Efforts to serve our members are coordinated through PWDA Councils and Technical Workgroups - that bring together professionals from across the state to prioritize collaboration, professional development, policy analysis and development, technical assistance, and opportunities in order to best serve workforce development system customers, staff, and partners - but most of all, Pennsylvania communities!  Learn more about the PWDA councils and technical workgroups. 

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